Artisanal Panettone

The Artisanal Panettone

Our artisanal panettone is distinguished by its aromatic complexity and its unique and melting texture. Theese delicious characteristics are attributable to the use of a natural yeast called the mother sourdough (Lievito madre) as well as premium ingredients such as organic home candied fruits and the use of exceptional vanilla beans. The traditionnal three-pastes recipe also contributes to its uniqueness and its quality.


The sourdoudh is the main ingredient that allows panettone to have a long shelf life without the use of additives or preservatives. We suggest that you eat your panettone within the 45 days following the manufacturing date indicated on the label. The bag it comes in is specifically designed to preserve its freshness, keep it tightly closed. Store your panettone at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight. The flavors and aromas will evolve over time.


Enjoy your panettone at 20 degrees or slightly warmed. You can also grill it and consume it with your favorite drink. Slice the panettone into the paper mold and share it with your loved ones.