Éric Goeury, Artisan

Passion at fingertips

Éric Goeury is a true enthusiast of panettones. In order to better understand the processes that guide the making of this hardest brioche to realised, he first deciphered several books on Sourdough and yeasts, often in Italian. Then, his path crossed that of the great chef Rolando Morandin and the daughter of Morandin, who shared their know-how and their family sourdough with him.

Eric make a traditional panettone that he bakes with the finest ingredients and according to the traditional three-paste recipe. Its approach also aims to highlight seasonal products. Thus, he makes panettones all year round with flavors such as: candied strawberries, candied wild blueberries, candied pumpkins, etc.

"As everything accelerates and becomes more and more ephemeral, for me, making an artisanal panettone is part of a rare and precious moment. A moment where time needed must be respected. To make an artisanal panettone a success, it is vital to follow the natural rhythm of the sourdough, the centerpiece of the creation process. After three days of baking prodecc, it this that will give the panettone its exquisite flavors.

The sourdough that I use in my panettones has been passed down to me by a long line of artisans and is now part of my family history.

Take the time to eat your panettone, its fllavors will evolve over the days and weeks. ''

Éric Goeury makes his panettones at the Co'Pains d'abord's store on Rachel Street in Montreal. At this address, he also offers various products made with care, including his famous pure butter croissants.